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CB was created as a protest against the music industry and media uniformity, and is intended as both a paradise for music lovers and information for the people who wants to make up their own mind about what good music is, and who won ´t settle for getting it told by media and tastemakers.


CB is completely independent of economic interests , which can´t be said of most other music-sites or blogs.


That means we can provide our true opinion without focusing on whether a sponsor or a record company will disagree.


We cut through the lies and hype and calls out things as they are. We try as much as possible to be fair, but an opinion and review by its nature would be subjective and therefore there ´ll always be opposite opinions. Which there should!


If you prefer to believe that various unknown Alternative blog-favorites are big international stars, that every Rihanna-single is a genius smashhit or that Pitbull isn´t greedy , then there are plenty of other music-sites who´s just copying the press-material without questioning it and is employed by brown-nosers who lives for free CDs and VIP tickets, that you may like to follow instead.


On this site we have an opinion - take it or leave it.


The Charts

Aside from our many HitTips/reviews, then CB consists of a multitude of different charts.

These have changed and/or developed over the years.

The flagship is the voting chart, The ChartBase Top-100 where there is room for all the greatest hits AND - those great hits from all over the world - you just don´t know yet!

This chart started out by giving the danish singer Medina her breakthrough with "You And I " several months before the rest of Denmark followed.

Since then it´s been helping several other new artists or hits on it´s way to the "real" charts .

ChartBase Top-100 - besides being our largest chart, also serves as a part of the foundation for our many genre charts.

The Top Of The World chart gives you the greatest hits from around the world and is based on hits from the charts from more than 96 countries. Not in global sales intellect , but from region to region, which means that e.g. Asia, Africa and South America also provides a large pile local megahits for the chart.

This also counts as part of the foundation of our genre-charts.

Denmark Fair-50 - the successor of Denmark Hit-100, gives you the biggest hits in Denmark right now. However, due to an incredible stupid greed and amateur-like promotional style , the Danish music-industry has increasingly chosen to cast suspicion on their users/fans/customers by - among other things - not to upload some current singles.

Since CB is based on respect for people and their love for music, we´ve been forced to refrain from including songs with no upload - hence Denmark Fair-50 instead of Denmark Hit-100

This also counts as part of the basis for our various genre-charts on CB.

Also we have Brugernes Top-50 (Users Top-50) which is based on the users´ own posted charts as (if CB´s rules are respected ) are being freely posted. Also, this list has influence on the genre-charts.

Our genre lists CB Urbanized , CB Dancefloor , CB RockChart, The Rapid A (Alternative) , CB SchlagerTopz, CB CountryChart and CB Latino-10 attempts to provide a broad overview of the hottest and biggest hits in The specified genre. From an international, a Danish and from CB´s perspective.

Other charts include the voting-chart CB DanskTopz , the Panel-voting-chart CB VideoChart, the biggest hits in Europe at CB EuroChart , TimeMachine, which provides the old hits that are current now - through covers, samples and other inspirations , while CB Taste is the list of the biggest hits on ChartBase who separates us from the rest of the charts in Denmark.

The brand new voting-chart CB NextUp 20 ( premieres week 5 ) each week will provide both established and new , known and unknown danish artists a chance to test their new singles for our users and their fans.


So if you´re fed up that the only charts that seem to define what you hear is the iTunes-lists , the UK Top 40 and Billboard Hot 100 and that they only introduces you to the same few hits and artists. Then it´s here at CB you need to explore great music.


All Artists/musicians/artists - known and unknown - regardless of genre - are welcome to inform us about their new singles via email , "kontakt"- or "HitDrop" functions.

However, the songs needs to be fully uploaded on e.g. Youtube, before we can review/HitTip the songs and they´re in play for our charts.


We KNOW that many artists are prevented from uploading their music from their record label, which gives them a certain amount of frustration. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this, but suggesting that they by means of contracts, arrange to have rights to the promote their own music through such as uploads.


As Mentioned before, the Record industry - especially the Danish, is campaigning with preventing uploads of some singles.

In our view, this speaks against any common sense! 

The idea that less people having access and knowing about one´s music, should provide more sales, is simply stupid!


In addition, it is our (perhaps naive?) approach to music that artists who´s in this branch, have something to say they want to share or just a great song they want people to hum along to and to have stuck in their head for hours.

If hard economic terms takes over and the "artist" vanish. It´s strictly business and the good musical experience disappears.


We recognize there is music piracy on a large scale and we invites in no means to do so.

But a general criminalization of ordinary music users, as the music industry practically does, is even worse.

So we invite the artists and record companies to give better service and show better respect for their users, then they might just get the same behavior back again.


It´s no secret that the foundation of CB is quite left-winged, since both Philip and vancairo are.

Otherwise, CB likely would be patched over with advertising and sponsors.

However, this doesn´t prevent us from cooperate with anyone who would like to spread good music, without their own selfish agenda. 


This lack of earnings enables us also to "amateurs" as several other media, artists and record labels have branded us.

We don´t really mind this, given that we in spite of our "amateur status" provide a better service than most other music media, respect all artists and create good earnings for both the record companies who respect us and those who don´t.

Collected we know more about music, music-history, charts and the music-industry in general than most others do.

So if it makes us "amateurs" that we don´t advertise for mobile-phones, won´t rub shoulders with wannabe celebrities, or never call Rihanna beautiful or think that Alternative bloggers are musical oracles, yes , then that´s what we are - proud amateurs!


So welcome to ChartBase, the greatest known and unknown hits from around the world, lots of charts and reviews, blogs and articles with unqualified opinions, criticism of cronyism, verbal beatings to the greedy, lots of musical nostalgia and the latest upcoming artists and hits!


Music Without Borders!

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